Various prose (with illustrations by Alan Davis, in The Daredevils, Marvel UK, 1983—1984)

“House Of Cards” (with David Lloyd, Marvel UK, one shot, 1993)


(with John Ridgway, collected in The World Shapers, Panini Comics, 288 pages, May 2008, ISBN 1905239874):

“Time Bomb” (in Doctor Who Magazine #114-116, 1986)

“The Gift” (with inks by Tim Perkins, in Doctor Who Magazine #123-126, 1987)


(with Alan Davis, in Captain Britain Monthly #1-12, Marvel UK, 1984, tpb, 1988, ISBN 1854000209)

Included in “Captain Britain Omnibus”, ISBN 978-0-7851-3760-3

2000 AD

“Blood Sport” (with David Pugh, in 2000 AD #484, 1986)

“The Ark” (with Dave Wyatt, in 2000 AD #504, 1987)

Tharg’s Future Shocks:

“The Ship that Liked to Dance” (with Barry Kitson, in 2000 AD #501, 1986)

“Fair’s Fare” (with Massimo Belardinelli, in 2000 AD #501, 1987)

D.R. and Quinch:

“DR & Quinch’s Agony Page” (with co-author and pencils Alan Davis and inks by Mark Farmer, in 2000 AD #525-534, 1987)



Hellblazer #1-24, 28-31, 33-40, 84 (with John Ridgway, Richard Piers Rayner, Mark Buckingham, Bryan Talbot, Steve Pugh, Sean Phillips, & others, Vertigo/DC, 1988-1991) collected as:

“Original Sins” (collects #1-9, Vertigo, October 1998, ISBN 1-56389-052-6, Titan Books, February 2007, ISBN 184576465X)

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Animal Man #51-79 (with Steve Pugh, DC, 1992-1994)


Shadowman#5-15 (with co-author Dick Foreman (#14-15) and art by Charlie Adlard, Acclaim Comics, 1997)

ORIGINAL LIMITED SERIES & miscellaneous offerings

“World Without End (with John Higgins, DC, 6-issue limited series, 1990)

*NEW* (December 2016) DOVER Collected edition here

“Ghostdancing” (with Richard Case, Vertigo, 6-issue limited series, 1995)

“Tainted (with Al Davison, Vertigo, one-shot, 1995)

“Batman/Manbat (with John Bolton, DC, 1996)

“Twisted Metal 2 (one-shot promo comic)

“2020 Visions” (with Frank Quitely (#1-3), Warren Pleece (#2-6), James Romberger (#7-9) & Steve Pugh (#10-12), Vertigo, 12-issue limited series, 1997)

“Hell Eternal (with Sean Phillips, Vertigo, one-shot, 1998)

“Cruel and Unusual” (with co-author Tom Peyer, pencils by John McCrea and inks by Andrew Chiu, Vertigo, 4-issue mini-series, 1999)

“The Territory (with David Lloyd, Dark Horse, 4-issue mini-series, 1999, tpb, 96 pages, 2006 ISBN 978-1-59307-010-6)

Legends of the DC Universe #24-25 (with Steve Pugh, DC, 2000)

“Outlaw Nation” (with Goran Sudzuka, Vertigo, 19-issue series, 2000-2002, tpb, 456 pages, Image Comics, 2006, ISBN 158240707X)

“Nevermore”: “The Pit and the Pendulum” (with Steve Pugh, graphic novel adaptation, Eye Classics, Self Made Hero, October 2007, ISBN 978-0-9552856-8-4) : Selfmadehero :

“Narcopolis”(with Jeremy Rock, 4-issue mini-series, Avatar Press, February 2008)

“Rawbone” (with Max Fiumara, 4-issue mini-series, Avatar Press, 2009)

“The Lovecraft Anthology II” (Self Made Hero 2012, ISBN: 9781906838430)

Graphic adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories by various creators including ‘Pickman’s Model’ adapted by Delano and illustrated by Steve Pugh.


BOOK THIRTEEN” a novel ISBN: 978-0-9572535-0-6
Published by LEPUS BOOKS May 2012 under the name A. William James

"Book Thirteen"


Leepus: DIZZYa novel ISBN: 978-0-9572535-4-4
Published by LEPUS BOOKS April 2014








“Leepus | THE RIVER” ISBN: 978-09933901-2-8

Published by LEPUS BOOKS 2017